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Three Cat Tales brings together three memorable stories.

Smokey and Boomer is about a spunky little feline who tries to adjust to a new home and new surroundings as Christmas draws near. It isn’t easy because every time Boomer makes a little mistake -- such as taking a bite out of the family’s artificial Christmas tree -- Crazy Fred puts him in the "cat room" as punishment. And three-year-old Stevie has decided his mission in life is to terrorize Boomer. Finally, Boomer tells the other cat in the house, Smokey, that he has had enough. On Christmas Eve, Boomer sneaks out into the snow and the family begins a frantic search to find him.

In Boomer's Story, Boomer describes the obstacles facing a little cat in a world populated with big humans and evil monsters (otherwise known as dogs).

In Along Came Princess, the newest cat in the household helps the author write a humor column and deals with the catastrophy that occurs when the family tries to bring yet another animal into the household.

Large print. Illustrated. Written for children, but adults will love it, too.

Jack Gilhooly, the author, and his wife have had several pets, among them Smokey, Boomer and Princess..


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