Graphic of Stealing the White House and newspaper headline: Forrester Rigs Electoral College
  Chaos in the Electoral College



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President Ridley Berenger narrowly wins re-election over John Forrester, but strange things begin to happen to the Electoral College electors who will actually select the next president ... An author of horror books is given a mysterious post-hypnotic suggestion in Texas ... the owner of a Los Angeles special effects studio is murdered in her Malibu home ... a college basketball coach in Tennessee is blackmailed

Berenger tells his assistant chief of staff, Larry Richmond, to cut short his Daytona Beach vacation with girlfriend Sheila and fly to New Mexico to investigate the activity and secrecy at Forrester’s sprawling Heavenly Days complex.

In Albuquerque, Larry discovers Forrester is strangely upbeat for a losing candidate. After some digging, he thinks he knows why—Forrester has rigged the Electoral College. He is stealing the election!

The President is dubious, but the next day runaway electors give Forrester a stunning victory. The country is confused and divided. The President vows to fight Forrester in the courts, but the Constitution places few limits on electors.

Desperate, the President sends Larry and Sheila on a new mission: to stop Forrester by proving he corrupted electors. But before they can gather the evidence they need, they are thrown into jail—for murder!

JOHN WESTIN is also the author of The Anchor War and The Spy Book.


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