Photo of cover of Smokey and Boomer novel by Jack Gilhooly
  Can Boomer survive until Christmas?



in 2011


When the old man who takes care of Boomer goes into a nursing home, Boomer must find a new place to live. Fred takes him home to be with his family.

“I’m on probation until Christmas,” Boomer tells Smokey, the other cat who lives with Fred's family.. “If I mess up, I’m out.”

Smokey shook his little head. “You picked a bad time to come here. It’s December. It’s going to be hard not to get into trouble. This family goes crazy around Christmas time.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ll see,” Smokey muttered, as he wandered off to a corner of the kitchen where two bowls sat on the floor. “Just keep your wits about you and you might survive.”

Boomer tries to cope, but it's not easy. He gets punished for messing with the Christmas tree and relieving himself on the pastor's shoes and breaking little Stevie's expensive toy car. His probation period is not going well.

Frustrated, Boomer runs away on Christmas Eve. It’s cold outside, and the snow if frigid. Worried about the little cat, Fred and his wife set out in the snow to find him.

Large print. Illustrated. Written for children, but adults will love it, too.

Jack Gilhooly, the author, and his wife had two cats, Smokey and Boomer. As Jack writes in the book, "Some of the adventures in this little book really happened. And what didn't happen, could have."


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