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Four new books from McNeil & Richards: everything from the Brains Bowl to candidates, cats and cavepeople

Humorous news release about the four new books: it's a Madhouse at McNeil & Richards

Brains wins USA Book News honors; The Spy Book won honors in last year’s competition

Press releases on the four newest books:

Brains: Goodbye, football — hello, brains
The Perfect Candidate: is Harry Jerome the perfect candidate or the perfect fraud?

Three Cat Tales: the world as three cats see it

Love in the Caves: a cave community through the eyes of a caveman named I Think and his pals

Press releases on the other McNeil & Richards books:

Christmas Village: two children experience a magical holiday inside a tiny table-top community.

The Spy Book: an American professor and graduate student put the last nails in the coffin of the Soviet Union.

We're Having a Heat Wave:are a TV weatherman and an angel named Edward causing our crazy weather?:

3D in Print: how 2D print media can use 3D

The Anchor War: three TV newspeople compete for a $2.5-million-a-year anchor job as the first war on Iraq begins in 1991.

Stealing the White House: Using the Electoral College to hijack the presidency.


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