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So you got fired from the local Wal-Mart and the drugstore down the street. isn't hiring. How can you find a new job?

You've got some time on your hands. Maybe you could run for President. It isn't difficult to run for President ... winning the office is difficult but nearly anyone can run for President. .Just running for the office doesn't require a lot of brains ...after all, Donald Trump is running ... and although it helps to have some knowledge of domestic and foreign affairs, it isn't a requirement. When Bill Clinton ran for the presidency, Patrick Buchanon said Clinton's foreign policy rexperience consisted mostly of having breakfast at the International House of Pancakes.

John Gilhooly's new book, How You Can Run for President, explains how to file your papers for running but also discusses with humor the experience of running for office. For instance, what would you say if you run into Louisiana Governor . Bobby Jindal on the campaign trail? How about "“Well, Bobby ...How come you spend more time in New Hampshire than you do in Louisiana? I hear the Louisiana Legislature put your picture on a milk carton with a message saying, “if you see this man, notify us immediately.” Or, If you find yourself next to Hillary Clinton say, “what’s next after the email scandal? How about broadcasting the country’s secrets on live TV?”

How You Can Run for President is available in many online bookstores. And it is inexpensive. You can buy the book and still have plenty of money left over to plan your campaign.

JOHN GILHOOLY is also the author of love in the Caves, Christmas Village and 3D in Print.


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