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Long ago, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth and people lived in caves, everything seemed new and exciting and less complicated. And yet people like I Think and his wife, Hug Me, faced problems that would be familiar to people living today ... how to make a marriage work, what to do when your spouse wants you to do chores around the house, how to get along with your mother-in-law, how to find a decent job so you can move out of your parents' cave.

Because I Think was one of the first cavemen, he faced unusual challenges. He opened the first academy, wrote the first dictionary, invented the wheel and the chariot, and became the first candidate to run against an incumbent emperor. (That didn't turn out very well.). It was quite a load for anyone to shoulder, so I Think often dropped by his friend Listener's saloon to unwind (and hide from Hug Me).

Love in the Caves is the funny and touching story of cavepeople who were simply trying to figure out what life is all about.

Jack Gilhooly's other books include Christmas Village and Three Cat Tales.


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