Rabbit in snow and cover of We're Having a Heat Wave
  When a TV weatheerman discovers he can control the weather, no one is safe!


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After lightning surges through Jerry Sheldon’s weather computer, Jerry discovers he is in charge of the weather in Toledo, Ohio. Soon, Toledo basks in 80-degree temperatures as cities fifteen miles away battle snowstorms.

Jerry quickly becomes a celebrity, but storm clouds are on the horizon: his fianceé and his preacher fear he’s dabbling in something sinister; jealous TV weathermen demand Jerry be thrown out of the weather profession; and Edward—Jerry’s contact in Heaven—keeps screwing up the weather Jerry forecasts.

It all comes down to one fateful day, with the Meteorological Society debating Jerry’s fate as devastating tornadoes bear down on Toledo. As Jerry’s lawyer says, “Houdini couldn’t get you out of this mess.”

DANIEL BREEZE is also the author of Brains, which will be published by McNeil and Richards in 2011.


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