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Move over football. Get outta here baseball. Forget it basketball. This is the big time!

Teams from cities across the country compete in the Brains League and scramble to reach the Brains Bowl in this funny and inspiring story of underdogs, ambition and love.

Meet the Chicago Philosophers, the unlikely heroes who landed in the playoffs and are out to win at any cost:

  • Coach Rock Nelson, the obsessed, Ahab-like coach who can’t cope with intellectuals.
  • Freud, the assistant coach and team psychologist who struggles to keep the team sane.
  • Sam, the recruit who joins the team for the playoffs and finds his world turned upside down.
  • Julie, one of the reasons Sam’s world is turned upside down. Will she or won’t she dump her fiance?
  • Brian, the team’s fair-haired ladies' man and superstar from California.
  • Margaret, the oldest player on the team. She’s the darling of senior citizens.
  • Edgar, the former Secretary of State who has a difficult time understanding his teammates.
  • T.J., the sub who wants to be a starter. He and Brian compete for the ladies.
  • Mad Dog, the ex-con who is now the team’s sports expert.
  • Juanita, sexy and savvy in the clutches.
  • Annie, the young prodigy who would rather hack her way into Defense Department computers than cram for the big game.

DANIEL BREEZE is also the author of We're Having a Heat Wave.


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