'Stealing the White House'

Using the Electoral College
to Hijack the Presidency

     Recent close presidential elections have thrown the Electoral College into the spotlight. Could a presidential election be hijacked in the Electoral College?
     It happens in John Westin's fast-paced novel Stealing the White House (McNeil & Richards). The incumbent President wins the election, but the challenger – John Forrester – refuses to give up. Soon, strange things happen to Electoral College electors: ... A writer of horror books is given a mysterious post-hypnotic suggestion in Texas... The owner of a special effects studio in Los Angeles is murdered... A college basketball coach in Tennessee is blackmailed.
     When the Electoral College convenes, "faithless electors" give Forrester the victory he was denied at the polls.
     The nation is confused and divided. The President sends Assistant Chief of Staff Larry Richmond and Larry's girlfriend, Sheila, on a desperate mission to prove Forrester corrupted electors before the challenger takes office.
     The mission takes Larry and Sheila to California, Tennessee, Texas, Colorado and finally New Mexico, where Larry manages to swipe Forrester's personal laptop computer. But Forrester is scheduled to assume the presidency in a few hours. Does the laptop hold the data that will prove Forrester corrupted the electors?
     Westin is also the author of The Anchor War, The Spy Book and The Perfect Candidate. For more about his novels, see McNeilandRichardsd.com.

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