The perfect candidate —
or the perfect fraud?

      In a campaign year when candidates question their opponent's birth certificate and argue about who is more extreme, Harry Jerome stands out. In fact, he seems like the perfect candidate — handsome, sophisticated, intelligent. There is only one little problem. ...
     “What do you mean Harry Jerome died sixteen years ago?”
     That’s the problem.

     John Westin’s new novel follows two reporters — David McGraw, a supermarket tabloid veteran, and television newswoman Marilyn Westley—as they try to tear down the curtain of secrecy protecting Jerome before he’s elected governor. And they only have eleven days to do it.
     They track down leads in California. where Jerome was born, and grill his pals in Illinois. Editors are breathing down their necks, suspicious characters follow them around, and if that isn’t alarming enough, romance creeps into their relationship.
     The quest to unmask Jerome leads to a confrontation between the reporters and Jerome and his handlers in Chicago. The reporters manage to escape with Jerome’s fingerprints ... but can they unravel the conspiracy and name the people behind it before voters go to the polls?
     Three other new books are available from McNeil & Richards. Brains is the story of a ragtag team of Chicago pseudo-intellectuals who try to reach the biggest game of all, the Brains Bowl. Love in the Caves is about cavepeople who dwelled near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania thousands of years ago. And Three Cat Tales describes the adventures of Smokey, Boomer and Princess.
     See for details.

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