Exciting books from McNeil & Richards:
everything from the Brains Bowl
to candidates, cats and cavepeople

     New books from McNeil & Richards take the reader into worlds where Brains is more popular than football, reporters try to prove a candidate died sixteen years ago, cats tell how life looks to them, and cavepeople invent wondrous things such as the wheel, elections and fast food restaurants.
     Running through all the books is a strong current of humor.
     Brains, by Daniel Breeze, follows the Chicago Philosophers, a ragtag team of pseudo-intellectuals, as they struggle to reach the biggest game of all -- the Brains Bowl.
     When pro football slips in popularity, the new sport of Brains captures the imagination of Americans. The Phils and their Ahab-like coach might win the championship ... if they don’t kill each other first.
     In John Westin’s new thriller, The Perfect Candidate, Harry Jerome seems to be the ideal politician -- handsome, sophisticated, intelligent. There’s only one little problem ...
     “Harry Jerome died sixteen years ago?”
     That’s the problem.
     Two reporters race to uncover the truth about the mysterious Jerome before voters elect him their next governor.
     Three Cat Tales features three feisty felines who lived with a southern Illinois couple. The book is in three parts: a Christmas story titled “Smokey and Boomer” and two short memoirs, “Boomer’s Story” followed by “And Along Came Princess”.
     In his memoir, Boomer offers advice:
     If you release a burst of stomach gas, pretend the old man did it.
     Treat cats well, don’t treat them like crazy relatives. Or dogs.
     People like receiving greeting cards with pictures of cats on them. Send them on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and on special occasions like “Hi, Mama -- We’re sorry we had to put you in a home.”
     Boomer’s thoughts on the meaning of life: “I know why I am here. I just don’t know why you are here.’
     Love in the Caves, by Jack Gilhooly, is about a caveman named I Think and his relatives and pals. Thousands of years ago they created a unique cave civilization, inventing everything from the first fast food restaurant to the wheel and the first dictionary. I Think even talked the emperor into holding the first election, which didn’t turn out so well for the candidate who ran against the emperor -- I Think.
     For more about the books, see McNeilandRichards.com.

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