Two New Ebooks in Online Bookstores;

Four Novels Available for Mobile Devices

Two new ebooks have been published by McNeil and Richards. How You Can Run for President is available worldwide in online bookstores and ebook platforms. Headlines You May Have Missed is available from

How You Can Run for President tells how nearly anyone can file the necessary papers and seek the presidency. It is easy to run for President --winning primaries and ultimately the fall election is much more difficult. The book covers serious aspects of waging a campaign but also uses humor to discuss the 2016 competition for the presidential nominations.

Headlines You May Have Missed is an 80-page collection of news headings that you probably would never see in mainstream newspapers. Examples:

SitComs Cut to 4 Minutes--Networks Say They Need More Time for Commercials

Trump Says He'll Cut Taxes on the Wealthy -- others would receive a signed photograph

Senator John McCain Leaving for a Parallel Universe --'Somewhere out there is a place where I am young, alert -- and President'.

Four other McNeil and Richards books -- all novels -- are available in ebook formats: Christmas Village, We're Having a Heat Wave, The Anchor War and Stealing the White House.

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