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Life and Love in the Caves

     This just in — from a few thousand years ago.
     Love in the Caves, a new book from McNeil & Richards, offers a touching and funny look at a cave community through the eyes of a caveman named I Think and his relatives and friends.
     The story follows I Think from his birth in Utter Bliss through his teenage years to his marriage, adult life and twilight years. The reader learns how the first fast food restaurant was launched, and how I Think invented the wheel and the chariot, and started the first academy. I Think also talked Emperor Big Feet into holding the first election, although he had a hard time doing it:
     “Elections are for insecure rulers,” Big Feet said. “I am not insecure. I don’t need to prove my popularity!”
     “I don’t think that’s the purpose of elections,” I Think said. “Elections give people the opportunity to choose whether they want to return you and your policies to office or whether they want to elect someone else as emperor.”
     “That’s foolish. Why would an emperor agree to such a thing?”
     “We don’t have a constitution, so the people must rely on the innate goodness and sense of justice of the emperor.”
     “Yes, well, good luck with that.”
     Big Feet finally agrees to call an election and I Think runs against him. I Think loses in a rockslide (which is something like a landslide) and wanders through the woods pondering what he will do after his humiliating loss. He decides to write the first dictionary, which includes entries like these:
     Blonde, n. a girl or woman with light-colored hair. Also a poison, as in “you touch that blonde and I’ll knock your lights out!”
     Ollady, n., a term often used to denote a wife or mother-in-law. Also, the sound made in yodeling.
     Potted, adj., referring to plants or drunken husbands.

     After his wife, Hug Me, dies, I Think writes some poetry and then, on a cool and clear winter day, passes from this life.
     Love in the Caves is one of four new books available from McNeil & Richards. The others are Brains, The Perfect Candidate and Three Cat Tales. See for details.

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