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     (Budget cutbacks are affecting most book publishing houses and McNeil & Richards is no different. Princess, one of the cats featured in Three Cat Tales, offered to write a news release about the book. Why not, the boss thought. It will save money. Princess is pounding away on a computer keyboard right now. The only problem is, the boss doesn’t don’t know if she’s writing the news release or emptying out the company bank account.)

     The publisher thinks he’s being funny. Actually, I emptied out the bank account last week.
     Three Cat Tales is a funny book about me and two of the other cats who lived with Ma and Pa in Central Illinois. The other two — Smokey and Boomer — went to the Big Litter Box in the Sky a few years ago.
The book is in three parts. “Smokey and Boomer” is a Christmas story. “Boomer’s Story” consists of Boomer’s reminiscences. “And Along Came Princess” is my story, written by Pa with my help.
     An excerpt from “Boomer’s Story” will give you a taste of what the book is like. This is from the chapter “Advice on How to Be a Cool Cat”:
     Cats Are Part of Your Family. Don’t treat them like crazy relatives. Or dogs. For instance, the members of your family receive mail. Don’t be surprised if your cats receive mail, too. Pa and I had this conversation the other day:
     “Did I get any mail today?” I asked.
     “You don’t get mail. You’re a cat.”
     “Check anyway.”
     So he went through the mail and there was an envelope addressed to Boomer.
     “Told you,” I said.
     Pa ripped open the envelope.
     “I wouldn’t do that. It’s a federal offense to open someone else’s mail.”
     “I’ll take my chances. ... What’s this? It says you’ve been approved for a credit card.”
     “Why are you so surprised?”
     “And your credit limit is $3,000! I only have a $500 limit!” Pa was fit to be tied.
     “My credit history is better than yours. Which one of us went bankrupt? Which one of us ran up a $1,400 debt with Penney’s?”
     “Which one of us is not going to get his supper tonight?”
     “You play dirty. But I don’t care. I can go to the Burger King down the street and give them my credit card.”
     I’d better finish this up. It’s almost lunch time, and the shady character over in the corner writing a P.R. release on one of the other new books, The Perfect Candidate, looks like the type who would chow down on cat food if there’s nothing else in sight. The publisher really needs to beef up security around here.
     There are two more new books from McNeil & Richards this summer: Love in the Caves and Brains. For details, see


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