The Anchor War:
an exciting novel about
TV news, love and war

      Three news correspondents battle for a $2.5-million-a-year anchor job in John Westin's excitiing novel The Anchor War.
      As America's first war on Iraq begins in 1991, legendary network anchorman Harrison Kiser is murdered by his mistress as millions watch. Within days, the battle for Kiser's lucrative job begins. The combatants:
      David Sheldon, the network’s handsome, sophisticated and ambitious correspondent in Tokyo. His wife thinks he loves the network more than he loves her. She may be right.
      Frank West, chief correspondent for the network’s primetime news magazine, “Perspective”. West is rugged, aggressive and independent. His love life is a mess. He dates a fetching woman who already has a possessive boyfriend.
      Marilyn Rhodes, chief Moscow correspondent. She flies to New York and demands a shot at the job. She gets her chance to show what she can do on the network’s morning show, but quickly discovers she is stuck in the quicksand of sleazy journalism and office politics.
      It is a no-holds battle for the anchor job—complete with scandals, sex, a bombing, a murder mystery and confrontations over the morality of the war.
      John Westin also has written Stealing the White House, The Spy Book and The Perfect Candidate. See for details.

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