In 'Christmas Village', two children
experience a magical holiday
inside a tiny table-top community

     The little Christmas villages you see on table tops may look peaceful, but two children discover there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye.
     In Jack Gilhooly’s book, Christmas Village, two children who live in Indiana visit their grandparents for the holiday. The children discover the little village in their grandparents’ living room is no ordinary village. Playing with the controls, they wind up tumbling into the village -- and shrinking.
     They soon realize they have a new father and mother, and there is a mystery afoot in the village. Why do things like the library keep disappearing? The villagers don’t realize the “crime wave” is the result of Grandpa moving buildings around back in the world of Big People.
     Shuffling between the world of Big People and the world of the little villagers, the children discover two Christmas celebrations can be better than one.
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