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Goodbye, football—
hello, brains

     The players are pampered and overpaid, the competition is intense, the coach belongs in a loony bin, and the fans are fanatical.
     No, it’s not professional football. It’s Brains.
     The new novel Brains by Daniel Breeze describes how the sport of Brains takes over when football loses its grip on America. Cities field ragtag teams of pseudo-intellectuals and intellectuals to compete to reach the biggest game of all, the Brains Bowl. Suddenly a player’s brains are more important than the throwing arm.
     When the Phils’ history starter collapses in the last game of the regular season, the team scrambles to find a replacement and signs Sam Winslow, an unemployed Harvard graduate in Franklin, Indiana.
     Sam joins the team and quickly discovers he’s surrounded by brains madness. Coach Rock Nelson is a fanatic who will let nothing stand in the way of his Ahab-like quest for the title. Teammates include Brian, a handsome young Californian who is crazy about the ladies; T.J.,who is desperate for a chance to be a starter; Edgar, a former secretary of state; Margaret, who was passing her time in a nursing home when Rock found her; Chase, who served time for murder; Julie, who must fight off Sam’s advances while cramming for the games; and two other subs, Juanita and Annie.
     They might win the Brains Bowl ... if they don’t kill each other first.
     McNeil & Richards is releasing three other new novels: The Perfect Candidate, about a politician who has one little flaw—he died sixteen years ago; Love in the Caves, about enterprising cavepeople who live in a community known as Utter Bliss; and Three Cat Tales, which includes a Christmas story, “Smokey and Boomer”, and two short memoirs: “Boomer’s Story” followed by “And Along Came Princess”.
     For more about the books, see McNeilandRichards.com.

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