Book Shows How 2D Print Media
Can Make Good Use of 3D

     Printed materials take on a new excitement and immediacy when three dimensional graphics are included in the mix. 3D in Print, a new book published by McNeil and Richards, shows how print media can use 3D and offers dozens of full-color examples.
     Author John Gilhooly said, “The book should be of interest to anyone involved in producing printed materials, but it will be of special interest to those involved with newspapers and magazines that are having a hard time surviving in these tough economic times. Printed media have only scratched the surface when it comes to using 3D graphics, but these graphics can have a big impact on readers.”
     The book discusses 3D software, the basics of working in 3D, type and logos, and specifics about how to create 3D layouts. The last 58 pages of the book are devoted to full color illustrations of layouts for newspapers, magazines, advertisements, and other media. Topics in the layout section include: pages built around 3D models, arranging elements for a 3D effect, using a 3D box to show depth, using photos for 3D effects, and using type for 3D effects.
     Gilhooly worked for newspapers for twenty years before running his own typesetting and design business.
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