Anchor War: "Funny, ireverent, thought provoking"
  A battle for a TV anchor job during the first war on Iraq



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The war on Iraq is only a day old in 1991 when legendary WBN news anchor Harrison Kiser is shot to death by his mistress as millions watch. Within days, three journalists launch a desperate, funny, soul-searching battle to win Kiser’s $2.5-million-a-year anchor job.

The combatants:

David Sheldon, chief Tokyo correspondent. He is handsome, sophisticated and ambitious. His wife thinks he loves WBN more than he loves her. She may be right.

Frank West, chief correspondent for WBN’s primetime news magazine, “Perspective”. West is rugged, aggressive and independent. His lovelife is a mess. He dates a bewitching woman who is already involved with another man.

Marilyn Rhodes, chief Moscow correspondent. She flies to New York and demands a shot at the anchor job. She gets her chance—delivering the news on WBN’s “Morning Magazine”. She quickly discovers she is stuck in Early Morning Hell.

It's a no-holds barred battle for the fabulous anchor job—complete with scandals, sex, a bombing and a murder mystery.

JOHN WESTIN is also the author of Stealing the White House and The Spy Book.


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